UPCOMING: Kickin Valentina, Fozzy, and Buckcherry

Kickin Valentina – one of our favorite up-and-coming Atlanta bands – will be opening for Buckcherry this Friday, 23 May, at Wild Bill’s in Duluth.


Joe Edwards – Kickin’ Valentina – Masquerade, Atlanta – 13 Apr 2014


Chris Taylor – Kickin Valentina – at the Masquera, Atlanta GA – 13 Apr 2014

KV is, to turn a phrase, for those who are ready to ROCK. This four-piece comprised of Heber Pampillon on guitar, Chris Taylor on bass, Jimmy Berdine on drums, and Joe Edwards’s vocals (which are a cross between Bob Seeger and Jack Daniels) calls themselves “in your face Hard Dirty Sleazy Grooving ROCK and ROLL!!” and they mean it. No namby-pamby wavering; this is 80s influenced, classic-rock-sounding guitar and bass that could fit right at home in 2014 or 1985. Hard rock will never go out despite what some of the progressive- and digital-leaning naysayers might think. If you can play a real guitar, you will always be able to make music. Sure there is a place for electronics and laptop controllers – but that’s at some other band’s rehearsal studio. 

Kickin’ Valentina – this Friday, 5/23, at Wild Bill’s – Duluth, GA, with Fozzy and Buckcherry. Tickets at kickinvalentina.com.

Kickin’ Valentina has also been nominated for Best Rock Band / Group at the 2014 Georgia Music Awards – go vote!

Photos from previous appearance at the Masquerade on April 13.


Joe Edward and Heber Pampillon- Kickin Valentina – at the Masquera, Atlanta GA – 13 Apr 2014