Photos: Savannah Stopover – second night

More music than you can shake a drum stick at. Saw some really excellent performers – mark my words, some of them are going to be in much bigger venues within a year or two.

Those Darlins
Based in: Nashville
Current members: Jessi Zazu, Nikki Kvarnes, Linwood Regensburg, Adrian Barrera.
Playing SXSW at Cheer Up Charlie’s on Wed. 3/12.
Three albums, an EP, and numerous singles released so far; opened for Dan Auerbach’s (Black Keys) solo tour; own and operate their own label (Oh Wow Dang Records).

Those Darlins - Savannah Stopover Music Festival - 7 Mar 2014

Those Darlins – Savannah Stopover Music Festival – 7 Mar 2014

Based in: Charlotte, NC
Current members: Ashlee Hardee Brown, lead vocals, keyboards, Jimmy Brown, lead vocals, guitar; Jordan Hardee, drums; CJ Hardee. mandolin, banjo.
Fun fact: they’re one big happy family – Ashlee and Jimmy are married; Jordan and CJ are her brothers. Boy oh boy Jimmy better behave while on tour or they’ll have to change the band name to “Acrimony.”
Playing SXSW at the Paste Magazine party on Wed. 3/12; Lamberts on Thurs. 3/13; other venues in Austin during SXSW; and will be back in Atlanta at Vinyl on Mar. 29. HIGHLY recommended. Really fun to watch; lots of bands don’t get that it’s not just the singing but the visuals – this one understands the watching is almost as important as the listening.

Matrimony - at Savannah Stopover - 7 Mar 2014

Matrimony – at Savannah Stopover – 7 Mar 2014

The Belle Game
Based in: Vancouver
Current members: Adam Nanji (vocals, guitar) Andrea Lo (vocals), Alex Andrew (guitar), Katrina Jones (piano), Rob Chursinoff (drums).
Fun fact: traveled 2,300+ miles to get to Savannah and they still have a long way to go – Austin, Phoenix, San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland. I need a nap just reading that.
Call themselves: orchestral dark pop.
Already played one gig at SXSW and will be at Maggie Mae’s for a showcase event on Thurs. 3/13.


The Belle Game – at Savannah Stopover – 7 Mar 2014


Based in: Savannah, GA
Current members: Matt – Guitar/Vocals; Jeff – Guitar/Vocals; Christian – Guitar; Colin – Bass/Vocals; Lee – Drums/Beard.
Enigma: the capitalization style of their name means … something.
Call themselves: Southern / heavy rock.
Looks like: mountain men.
Sounds like: Led Zep gone mountain men.


Bear Fight – at Savannah Stopover – 7 Mar 2014

Article and photographs by maryelle st. clare