Savannah Stopover – March 6-8, 2014

The Savannah Stopover music festival will be held this year from March 6-8, in, you guessed it, Savannah, GA. 

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Savannah Stopover is held the week before SXSW and is an opportunity for bands traveling down I-95 on the way to Austin, or who just want to do a final dress rehearsal before the really big time at SXSW, to stop and perform in a city renowned for its Southern hospitality, welcoming residents, and city-wide appreciation for the arts. Unlike many typical summertime festivals, the shows in SS are held in venues dotted throughout the historic district – ah, central AC! – and are easily accessible from each other. Tickets are also very reasonably priced compared to many festivals – it’s a great way to see a lot of bands in a short time for what works out to a very low per-band price. And you can walk around that part of Savannah with alcoholic drinks, on the street, in broad daylight, kind of like Vegas, but, you know, much MUCH nicer. Savannah also has some of the best Low  Country food you will ever eat so plan enough time to take advantage.

Full lineup and schedule will be announced in mid-January. See for more information.

Lineup as of January 1 (subject to change):

Savannah Stopover lineup 2014

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