Nine Inch Nails at Rapid City, SD

Note: no this is not the Nine Inch Nails blog. It just so happens that they are the last five shows I’ve seen so that’s all the pictures I’ve got right now. I really will be shooting some other bands soon, you can still visit here even if you aren’t a NIN fan.

I went out to Rapid City over Thanksgiving weekend to see the South Dakota show (on 11/28) and then to travel on to Billings, Montana, the next day for the show there. I had not planned to shoot them for either gig but I bring my camera and lenses practically everywhere and it was very lucky I did because I ran into someone who did the extremely nice thing of requesting that I be given another pass and then making sure it was arranged for me.  So I got to shoot them a second time, which I gather is somewhat unusual. I was in the right place at the right moment I guess. That, among other things–meeting a bunch of awesomely incredible talented people, seeing two of the best shows I have ever and I mean *ever* seen, driving at sunrise at 110 MPH under gorgeous Wyoming and Montana skies–made this pretty much the best Thanksgiving weekend ever, even counting the fact that I had zero to eat all day on the holiday itself because Rapid City shut down completely and the hotel restaurant closed at 3:00. Trust me, “Food Mart” does not sell what could legitimately be classified as food.

I didn’t get back until 2:00 this morning and have only processed a few pictures so far. The three songs I shot were the same three I shot in Worcester, which is a tad unfortunate, but you get what you get. Sometimes Trent mixes it up and gives the photographers a different section of the setlist but he didn’t this night. Not that I’m complaining; I got a pass that I never expected and didn’t even have to ask for it.

Here are some for now, more on my Flickr as well as the brand-new image & video galleries on as I finish them.


Is that a Light From Above coming from the sky straight to Robin Finck’s guitar??

NIN | Head Down | Robin Finck | Nine Inch Nails | Rapid City, SD | Lights in the Sky

Trent Reznor doing classic Trent Reznor.

NIN | March Of The Pigs | Trent Reznor | Nine Inch Nails | Rapid City, SD | Lights in the Sky

I *finally* got a few pictures of Josh Freese. Very happy about that.

Nine Inch Nails | Head Down | Josh Freese Rapid City, SD | Lights in the Sky

Check back for more soon plus more of a write-up of Rapid City and Billings. They were on fire; it’s incredible that every show I’ve seen has been better than the last one. This at the end of a very, very long tour. The amount of work that goes into traveling, setting up, and breaking down is astounding. I’d have collapsed of the tiredness long ago.