Nine Inch Nails | Atlantic City-Manchester-Worcester

Yes I know I am way way behind in my posting of my NIN weekend. I’ve been deathly ill ever since. Coincidence? I think not. I was going to do one entry for all three shows but I think that’s not going to work after all so will probably combine Atlantic City and Manchester, and do a separate one for Worcester.

Until I can keep my head upright for more than 10 minutes, here’s one of the pictures I took in Worcester. You can click through to Flickr to see a lot of other ones from that date plus the other two shows. I will be back, really, with my *totally* journalistic and unbiased disinterested reviews of all three shows.

Added this one a couple of days ago. One of two I got where Robin Finck was looking into the camera [this band sings with their eyes closed a lot, it makes things a bit difficult. You guys have to stop that! 😉 ] Anyway I thought this came out nicely. Another B&W, lighting just wasn’t that interesting otherwise. Someone commented to me that his eyes look too brightened but the funny thing is that I didn’t do that and in fact tried to tone them down and couldn’t get it right so I just left it. I think because his face is dark the eyes stand out by comparison.

NIN | Discipline | Robin Finck

This was the only time Trent Reznor looked right into my camera, during Head Down. I didn’t think it was that good of a picture but people seem to like it. I think it’s the one eye.

NIN | Head Down | Trent Reznor

Here’s another one I liked.

NIN | March Of The Pigs | Trent Reznor