NIN 5/10/09 live recording at Atlanta

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Nine Inch Nails @ Atlanta 5/10/09

Reflecting In The Chrome , the premier archive and distribution site of the entire available catalogue of NIN live recordings has just announced their release of a beautifully engineered audio set of the the Nine Inch Nails show at the Lakewood Amphitheatre in Atlanta on May 10, 2009. I was honored to be asked to license to them the embedded album art for this audio CD. The accompanying DVD, edited by Matt Widner and to be released by This One Is On Us, should be out sometime this summer. There will be an exclusive preview of the DVD along with a photography slideshow of my images and others at the upcoming screening of “Another Version Of The Truth” – the definitive documentary of NIN’s 2008 Lights In The Sky tour and final Las Vegas show on 12/13/08, and the example to artists everywhere of what can happen when you allow non-label-produced video/audio recording and photography.

Nine Inch Nails @ Atlanta 5/10/09

This was a pretty special and unique show, as Saul Williams, a warmly regarded collaborator of Trent Reznor and whose album “The Inevitable Rise And Liberation Of Niggy Tardust!” was co-produced by Trent, made a surprise visit and helped burn up the stage by singing duet on Survivalism after which Trent covered Saul’s own “Banged And Blown Through.”

Johnny Blaze ( on behalf of RITCNIN and TOIOU describes what went into engineering the audio:

The Reflecting in the Chrome recording of the week comes one year to the date after the 5/10/09 Atlanta NIN/JA show. A DVD is also in the works, edited by Matt Widner. Like AVOTT, our audio release is ready to go in advance of DVD release. This is a joint TOIOU/RITC release.

The audio matrix is a mix of three sources: JB, radiokid311, and Adam Lancaster’s own two-recording matrix, I took the sources and lined them up in Ableton (, did some subtractive parametric EQing and multiband dynamics on the master. The sources add together beautifully, for all ranges of the frequency spectrum are present, only possible from a well done matrix. The sound is nearly soundboard in places.

-RITC News 5/12/09

Direct links to 24/48 Apple Lossless and MP3 here

Nine Inch Nails @ Atlanta 5/10/09

March of the Pigs
Something I Can Never Have
The Becoming
Head Down
Mr. Self Destruct
The Big Come Down
Gave Up
Gone, Still
Survivalism (w/ Saul Williams)
Banged and Blown Through (Saul Williams Song)
Down in It
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like a Hole

Please continue to check here, Johnny Blaze, This One Is On Us, and RITC for updates on the DVD.

Nine Inch Nails @ Atlanta 5/10/09

Photography notes – click here for gallery

I had originally done my few pictures I thought worthy of posting back in May of ’09 but had several hundred more, some of which were good and some which weren’t. It’s always better to post less and better than just to dump everything you’ve got. And I had about 10,000 pictures over the course of the tour to go through and it’s a lot of work to process them all. As most people know, NIN had an “open camera” policy for their shows throughout 2010 and so for the dates on which I did not have a media pass from the band or a publication, I was still able to bring my DSLR in–which I did for every show I went to except one (the Palladium in LA on September 2). While this was an extreme advantage in many ways, not having a pass and being on the rail behind the barrier instead of in front of it meant I couldn’t move around at all and was jostled throughout the night by the hundreds of people behind me–so as you can see, most of the pictures from this show are taken at roughly the same angle from my spot at stage right directly in front of bassist Justin Meldal-Johnsen and in most cases focusing on the band through a bunch of mics and stands. That’s the reason most of my shots from this show did not make the “good enough to be posted” group a year ago. But when I was asked to provide the embedded photos for the CD–and given that they needed to be 1:1 and would not be printed–I felt that many “rejects” would work well as images that were not so editorial as I normally do but more artistically interpretive. (Yes some may call them “focused incorrectly.”) I am sure they’ll not be to everyone’s taste but it was an interesting experience for me to find the area in a full-sized frame that could be turned 1:1 and still have a story in it: I tried to make them mysterious and maybe mystical in a way, like a dream you might have where you can’t quite see everything clearly in your mind the next morning but you know you would remember it all if you could only push the fog away.

Nikon D300; Nikkor lenses 24-70 f/2.8, 70-200 f/2.8, 85mm f/1.8.

There will be additional new pictures for the DVD, keep an eye out.