Photos: Kickin Valentina – Duluth GA

Neil Young said it best: rock and roll can never die, and Kickin Valentina is doing their best to make sure of that.


Kickin Valentina – at Wild Bill’s, Duluth GA – 23 May 2014

With classic bass (Chris Taylor), guitar (Heber Pampillon), and drums (Jimmy Berdine) at their roots and the raw raspy lead vocals (Joe Edwards) that somehow will always complement hard rock, Kickin Valentina is continuing to put on shows and put out music that is as relevant today as it ever was: rock and roll is here to stay, as the man said. Their recent opener for Fozzy and Buckcherry at Wild Bill’s in Duluth (metro Atlanta), GA, scored them an impressively large and well-equipped venue, and large draw, and new fans.

Despite being together in this lineup since no earlier than 2012, the four-piece sounds meld together with a feeling that they’ve been playing as a unit for much longer than a couple of years. In particular “Anita” and “Get Ready” from their self-titled EP got the crowd up and going and shouting the choruses out as though they were anthems and not, for some at least new music. KV’s next Atlanta-area date is July 4 in Woodstock and after that will have other dates around the Eastern to Midwest US, including Soundwave in September. 


KV’s 2013 self-titled EP is on Highway 9 Records.