Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, Dave Grohl, and Lindsey Buckingham to perform at Grammys

In an announcement that has shocked the fingerless gloves off NIN fans if nothing else, NIN will be part of an all-star lineup with Dave Grohl, Queens of the Stone Age, and Lindsey Buckingham – all together on stage at the Grammys finale performance this Sunday. As reported on SPIN earlier today, the news has given rise to both elation at seeing a supergroup’s first (and probably last) performance to bewilderment that Trent Reznor – what NIN is made of – could possibly ever agree to performing at the Grammys – an awards ceremony that he has cut down and ridiculed probably more than any single other performer has in the past 25 years. Or longer.

Still, it will be a major draw to NIN fans as well as those of QOTSA and Grohl / Foo Fighters. The inclusion of Buckingham seems a logical and practical, given that he was a welcome contributor to NIN’s latest album, Hesitation Marks. Grohl of course is a longtime NIN collaborator, having played on tracks on NIN’s first post-sobriety album, 2005’s With Teeth; and Queens are double-headlining with NIN in Australia and New Zealand in the coming weeks. It’s practically a match made in heaven … if you can wrap your mind around Reznor not only appearing at the frequent target of his jabs, but appearing to be happy about it as well. We’d say either it’s part of his return to a label or just a product of becoming happy and willing to branch out.

In addition to performing, Grohl and Queens are up for two nominations apiece and NIN one for Best Alternative Album.