Girls In Trouble @ Atlanta

Girls In Trouble performed at the Highland Ballroom on 5 December.  Led by the multi-instrumentalist Alicia Jo Rabins, Girls In Trouble takes Biblical stories of strong unusual women and weaves them into half-mystical half-Homeric tales, delivered on a plate of electric guitar and classical violin.

Girls In Trouble @ Atlanta, GA, 12/5/09

Alicia Jo Rabins | Girls In Trouble @ Atlanta, GA, 12/5/09

Alicia Jo Rabins | Girls In Trouble @ Atlanta GA 12/05/09

Yeah I know that sounds kind of weird and … um … not really anything most people think of when they think of going out to a club. But you might be surprised: as Alicia said that night, the Bible is violent and murderous and a lot of the people written about in it were “fucked up.” Alicia has a rather interesting background: she started violin at three and eventually got an MFA in poetry. After making the rounds of superficial literary parties and disappointing internships in NYC, she decided to go to Israel, where she studied ancient Jewish texts for 2 years, after which time she returned to New York to create the band–a convergence of poetry, music, and the mystical literature she had just immersed herself in. Not exactly a story you’ll see on American Idol.

Along with Alicia, Girls In Trouble are Aaron Hartman (Old Time Relijun, K Records) on upright bass, Tim Monaghan on drums and Jascha Hoffman on keys and glockenspiel. Get their debut album out on Jdub Records.

Shooting notes:
It was very, very dark. I used an 85mm f/1.8 and a 50mm f/1.8 mostly, with a little 24-70 f/2.8, but it was hard to get anything even with at wide open. I had been told that flash was OK to use, although I didn’t until the last half of the last song, just to see what kind of cool effects I could get with the combination of flash and ambient, but there was so little ambient that no cool effects were to be had.  The venue does have a lot of room though and it was easy to move around and get different angles, so that made up somewhat for the extreme darkness.