Geoff Tate’s Queensryche to change name after farewell tour

File this under not-too-surprising developments: Queensryche (the Geoff Tate one) will change their band name to “Operation: Mindcrime” after their final farewell tour this summer.

Queensryche has two Queensryches: the one with original lead singer Geoff Tate and the other one with the other members of the original band. Due to some legal disputes, the band split and until not long ago both were using the name, but after settling the case back in April, the Geoff Tate version is doing a final tour under that name; and the other Queensryche will continue on with the Queensryche name.

Don’t try and parse all that out after you’ve had a couple of margaritas.

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“Operation: Mindcrime” will consist of Tate and his current bandmates Rudy Sarzo, Simon Wright, Randy Gane, and Kelly Gray; they will be going into the studio shortly to record a trilogy project that Tate has been working on for a couple of years.

“I tried to reduce the story and eventually got it down to 37 ideas that needed representing to complete the story,” comments Geoff. “I knew that one record wouldn’t cover it and that it would have to be a trilogy. It’s an exciting project and one we’d like to release the first part of sometime next spring. … It is so refreshing to be able to concentrate on the many stories and ideas that I have been working on with no boundaries or restrictions,” states Tate, further adding, “With the newly-named band, I think fans will continue to enjoy the music we create and perform together and hope they share this new musical journey with us.”

The Farewell Tour begins July 30; nearby tour dates below including Atlanta on August 17 – see website for full schedule.

Tuesday, August 12 – Music Marathon Works in Nashville, Tennessee
Wednesday, August 13 – Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, North Carolina
Thursday, August 14 – The Chop Shop in Charlotte, North Carolina
Friday, August 15 – Ziggy’s by the Sea in Wilmington, North Carolina
Saturday, August 16 – Ziggy’s in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Sunday, August 17 – Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia