Collective Soul to play at Sarah Jones Scholarship Fund benefit

Georgia-born-and-bred Collective Soul will be playing at the Southern Ground Amphitheatre in Fayetteville on Saturday, May 31. This show is to benefit local charities and in particular the Sarah Jones Scholarship Fund. Sarah was the 27-year-old camera assistant who was killed here in Georgia on Feb. 20 while filming a scene for the Gregg Allman biopic, Midnight Rider. They were setting up a scene on a railroad bridge when a train approached and there was no way off. The train company has stated the production had been denied permission to film on the bridge. Seven others besides Sarah were injured. According to other crew on the scene, they were told to go set up the scene and that if a train appeared, they would have 60 seconds to get off the bridge. Obviously whoever said that was an optimist, as anyone can see by looking at a photo of the trestle that nobody was getting off it if a train should appear: the only possible means of escape was by running TOWARD the oncoming train. Very very sad that a promising young life was taken this way.

For tickets please go to Thrive Entertainment’s site.