Live Shows

Christopher Paul Stelling

Christopher Paul Stelling and Julia Christgau | Atlanta, GA | 2 Mar 2012

Christopher Paul Stelling at WonderRoot in Atlanta, 3/2/12

JD Samson + MEN

JD Samson | Atlanta GA | 11/02/11

JD Samson + MEN – new album out Feb. 21 – now on tour in NZ, Australia, and Asia/Pacific

Scattered Trees

Scattered Trees @ Atlanta, 12 Aug 2011 | L-R: Jason Harper, Nate Eiesland, Alissa Eiesland, Ryne Estwing, Baron Harper

“If you can hang out for a bit, Alissa will be here soon and so everyone can get in the pictures.” That’s pretty much the first thing Nate Eiesland of Scattered Trees said to me, and the catalyst for how I thoroughly embarrassed myself not once, but twice, with two of the biggest faux pas […]

The Dresden Dolls

Amanda Palmer | The Dresden Dolls 11/13/10 #1664

Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione as The Dresden Dolls, at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta on 13 Nov 2010, touring together again in their original punk cabaret duo form after a break of several years to work on their respective solo projects. This show was incredible. Amazing show, by two shockingly talented people–I don’t think […]

Cheyenne Marie Mize


Cheyenne Marie Mize plays more than just a guitar but her set at Masquerade in Atlanta on 10/28 was almost “Unplugged” – the bus with all the rest of the instruments besides her guitar had not made it. (Although it was an electric guitar, but you get the idea.) Even without anything besides her and […]

Holy Ghost!

Holy Ghost! @ Masquerade, Atlanta | 8-27-10

Holy Ghost! is Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser, two guys from Brooklyn who have known each other since grade school and must still be able to get along. Formerly both studio musicians for DFA Records as well as playing live for other DFA artists, they formed Holy Ghost! “over a shared love of analog synthesizers, […]

NIN 5/10/09 live recording at Atlanta


Gallery done! Scroll to bottom for link. Reflecting In The Chrome , the premier archive and distribution site of the entire available catalogue of NIN live recordings has just announced their release of a beautifully engineered audio set of the the Nine Inch Nails show at the Lakewood Amphitheatre in Atlanta on May 10, 2009. […]

Bruce Springsteen


Bruce Springsteen at Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester, Tennessee, 6/13/09

Girls In Trouble @ Atlanta


Girls In Trouble at the Highland Ballroom in Atlanta on December 5

Saul Williams @ Atlanta


The Afro-Punk Festival presents Saul Williams & Guests, “The Niggy Tardust Experience,” on tour in North America, at The Loft in Atlanta on November 4.

NIN|JA 2009 Wave Goodbye (v.3)

Robin Finck | Nine Inch Nails @ Holmdel NJ 6 June 2009

Nine Inch Nails/Jane’s Addiction/Street Sweeper Social Club: Wave Goodbye tour North America, 8 May-13 June ’09. Images from 12 shows of Trent Reznor, Robin Finck, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Ilan Rubin, Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, Eric Avery, Stephen Perkins, Tom Morello, & Boots Riley

Nine Inch Nails Wave Goodbye club tour

Ilan Rubin | Nine Inch Nails @ Webster Hall, New York City 23 Aug 2009

Nine Inch Nails Wave Goodbye club tour, 22 Aug-6 Sept 2009, in New York, Chicago, Toronto, & Los Angeles. Images from 8 of the final 11 NIN shows under this lineup-Trent Reznor, Robin Finck, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Ilan Rubin.

NIN|JA 2009 Wave Goodbye (v.2)

NIN|JA 2009 Wave Goodbye club tour v.2

UPDATED 10/2/09 Nine Inch Nails/Jane’s Addiction/Street Sweeper Social Club: Wave Goodbye tour North America, 8 May-13 June ’09. Images from 12 shows of Trent Reznor, Robin Finck, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Ilan Rubin, Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, Eric Avery, Stephen Perkins, Tom Morello, & Boots Riley

NIN|JA 2009 Wave Goodbye (v.1)

Perry Farrell | Jane's Addiction @ Atlanta, 10 May 2009 DSC_8957-2

Nine Inch Nails/Jane’s Addiction/Street Sweeper Social Club – on tour through North America from May 8 through June 13

Amazing Baby @ Boston


Amazing Baby at the Wilbur Theatre.

The Duke Spirit @ Boston


The Duke Spirit appeared at a Radio 92.9 Concert on 19 February in Boston.

The Pogues 2009 East Coast tour


The Pogues 2009 East Coast tour, images and writing from Atlanta, Washington DC, and Boston.

Jaguar Love @ Boston

Johnny Whitney | Jaguar Love | dsc_2927

I shot Jaguar Love when they played at Boston last August (08/20/08). I was looking over the Nine Inch Nails tour schedule and saw that they’re opening for NIN on a couple of upcoming dates in Australia, so I got out some of my pictures of them. There is an entry from last fall in […]

Annuals at The Wilbur Theatre, Boston


Annuals performed at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston on 21 October.  Opening up the triple-header was Sylvie all the way from Regina, SK, with the headliner being Minus The Bear out of Seattle. I was there primarily to shoot Annuals although I also took some shots of Sylvie as well.  This is one of the […]

Nine Inch Nails at Rapid City, SD


Note: no this is not the Nine Inch Nails blog. It just so happens that they are the last five shows I’ve seen so that’s all the pictures I’ve got right now. I really will be shooting some other bands soon, you can still visit here even if you aren’t a NIN fan. I went […]

Nine Inch Nails | Atlantic City-Manchester-Worcester


Yes I know I am way way behind in my posting of my NIN weekend. I’ve been deathly ill ever since. Coincidence? I think not. I was going to do one entry for all three shows but I think that’s not going to work after all so will probably combine Atlantic City and Manchester, and […]

Nine Inch Nails @ Atlantic City | 2008-11-06

If all goes well tonight, you’ll be able to see a few pictures during the concert. Also check my Flickr for large individual shots. Edit: the Kyte thing below was a little difficult to manage during the show but uploading from iPhone to Flickr is super easy. Thumbnails below. Incredible concert, well worth the drive. […]