Annuals at The Wilbur Theatre, Boston

Annuals performed at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston on 21 October.  Opening up the triple-header was Sylvie all the way from Regina, SK, with the headliner being Minus The Bear out of Seattle.

I was there primarily to shoot Annuals although I also took some shots of Sylvie as well.  This is one of the few I got of anyone who wasn’t bending over with his/her hair hanging down and completely covering his/her face.  They were really fun to listen to but they ought to stand up a little straighter.

I will have more pictures of them up shortly.  Hope you like hair.

Anna Spence | Annuals | Boston | 21 Oct 2008

Sylvie @ Boston

Annuals @ Boston

Sylvie @ Boston Annuals @ Boston Annuals @ Boston