Amon Amarth: 9th album Deceiver Of The Gods brings aggressive dynamic to their melodic death metal roots

Amon Amarth’s lead singer Johan Hegg brings Thor to life in both sight and sound

With their ninth album described as their most aggressive yet, Sweden’s Amon Amarth brings a catalogue heavily influenced by Norse mythology to the forefront of death metal. Stepping up from a smaller venue (The Masquerade) two years ago, AA visited Atlanta and played to a pretty much full house – and quite a determined GA pit, with dozens of crowd-surfers and a few fights – on January 24.

Vocalist Johan Hegg was joined by guitarists Olavi Mikkonen and Johan Söderberg, Ted Lundström on bass, and Fredrik Andersson on drums. From the opening song “Father of the Wolf” through to the last encore, Amon Amarth delivered a visual and aural experience.  The stage setup is fairly unusual in that they do not use any mic stands – therefore none of them are blocked by stands or booms, as is usually the case when photographing live acts.

Amon Amarth will be continuing their US tour until Feb. 16, followed by Soundwave in Australia, then to Europe and South America. Tickets and information at

Get a taste of their production values by watching what is really a 10+ minute short film and not a music video – “Father of the Wolf,” official video by Metal Blade Records:

~article and photos by maryelle st. clare